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Mites on dogs: How to get rid of mites on dogs?

Aug 17,2022 | puaintapets

Many Pet Owners have long worried about skin diseases caused by mites in their pets. In fact, mites are not terrible, but because dogs are sensitive to them, they have a high risk of developing skin diseases caused by mites.

Disease time: 5 days



Treatment for mites in dogs

1. Medicine

(1) Chinese herbal medicine

Use Chinese herbs such as snake bed, nutgall, earth skin and rhubarb to soak your dog and bathe or soak him. Or using Shower Gel for Itchy Skin Relief for cleaning, these two methods have no side effects on dogs.

(2) Medicine

Bathe or soak your dog with sulfur powder, sulfur soap, and methyrazole. The downside of sulfur is that it's cheap, but it inhibits sebum production in dogs, leaving their skin dry and dull, so you can't use it frequently.

2. Products for coat health

(1) Ointment for Dermatomycosis

This is a mainly used for the treatment of fungi, bacteria and mite infection of skin ointment. It is very effective against skin diseases caused by fungal, bacterial and mite infections. It can be licked without toxicity, applicable to pregnant pets, universal to dogs and cats, and accessible to pregnant dogs and puppies.

(2) Skin Spray for Fungus 

This skin spray helps kill bacteria and improve skin problems in cats and dogs. It can kill more than 650 kinds of bacteria and fungi within 1 minute. It can quickly penetrate into the subcutaneous 2MM sterilization, wound healing, repair regeneration antibacterial anti-inflammatory nano silver particles using slow release technology.


(3) Give or take an injection

If the dog has an infected wound, you need to choose injection treatment.

Most pet owners will give their dogs Epromectin or Doramectin, which has same effect, but Doramectin is a new type of injection. Ivermectin was given every three days and doramectin once a week. A common side effect of both drugs is that they may affect the dog's fertility, and it is best to wait six months after the injection to reproduce. If your dog has a mixed infection, you may need to inject antibiotics to treat it.

(4) Regular deworming

Mites are one of the dogs common parasites, although a small amount of mite will not have what effect to the dog, but when the dog skin vulnerable, the number of mites in multiple level increases, this time the dog will appear itching, drop fur, skin symptoms such as a small red envelopes, so suggest that we give the dog insect repellent on a regular basis. Bug Repellent Drops is effective and highly recognition of dogs with flooding, both internal and external medicine, which can drive kill mites, ticks, worm and other parasites in vivo and in vitro, quick effect and easy to use.


Q: How often should I use the drops?

A: Repellent every 30 days or so.- From Vet in Puainta 

Q: Can cats use these products?

A: It can be used for cats and dogs.- From Vet in Puainta