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Why does my dog have black spots on its skin?

Aug 03,2022 | puaintapets

Hyperpigmentation can be the result of many conditions in your dog. Generally, it is a skin disease caused by mite infection, but endocrine problems need to be excluded, and then symptomatic medication treatment, the specific situation and Puainta look down together!

Disease time: 1 week


Causes of Hyperpigmentation in Dogs

1. Fungal infection

Skin diseases caused by fungal infection in dogs may cause blackening of the skin, generally there will be round or oval ringworm spots, there are a lot of gray scales off, hair loss, itching, red skin and other symptoms.

2. Endocrine disorders

Hypothyroidism and feminization of male dogs, which cause hormone disorders in dogs, can lead to pigmentation and keratinization of the skin. Some dog food containing too many hormones can also cause endocrine disruption.

3. Mites

A large number of mites in dogs can cause fur loss, skin thickening, increased dander and blackening, but also with swollen fur follicles, large amounts of wax sebum in fur follicles and fur roots, and skin flushing.

4.  Atopic dermatitis in dogs and cats

Recurrent atopic dermatitis in dogs and cats can lead to pigmentation, thickening of the skin, ringworm and chapped skin over time.

How to treat Hyperpigmentation in dogs?

1. First of all, petowners need to go to the pet hospital to do skin scrape examination and hormone examination, to determine the cause of disease and then symptomatic medication.

2. If it is a skin disease caused by mites, allergies or fungi, it is necessary to use corresponding ointment and deworming medication.

3. If it is the problem of endocrine disorder hormone, need to find the cause, not neutered dogs should be neutered in time, and replace dog food.

What to do of Hyperpigmentation in dogs?

1. Fungal skin diseases can use Puainta Skin Spray, used for skin antibacterial anti-inflammatory, establish a protective layer on the skin surface, avoid deep skin infection.

2. Ointment for Dermatitis and Eczema can be used for fungal skin disease and mite infection, allergic dermatitis caused by dermatitis, ulcers, bumps and other symptoms, can promote skin repair, has the effect of antibacterial convergence.

3. Regular deworming dogs can reduce the dog due to parasitic infection caused by skin symptoms, you can use Bug Repellent Drops a month in vitro and in vivo with drive, effectively drive mites, fleas, roundworms, etc..

4. Oral Multivitamin can promote skin metabolism, enhance skin immunity, contribute to the repair of mucous membrane, and persist in using it helps to gradually improve black skin.

5. If the dog has atopic dermatitis, in the spring and summer season to reduce the need to go out. If there is atopic dermatitis, you can use Allergic Itch Relief to reduce skin itching symptoms, promote skin recovery, and avoid scars caused by repeated scratching of the dog's skin.

6. The thickening and blackening of the dog's skin caused by endocrine disorders need to be treated with prescription drugs in the pet hospital according to the specific situation, usually oral hormone drugs are needed.


Q: Can cats use these products?

A: It can be used for cats and dogs.- From Vet in Puainta

Q: Are Chlorphenamine Maleate Tablets effective? How many boxes do you usually need?

A: Treatment of skin pruritus, treatment of severe itching, erythema, swelling and papules caused by allergies, treatment of allergic eczema and urticaria in dogs and cats, with bactericidal, antipruritic and bacteriostatic effects. Usually use 1 box for dogs or cats. Discontinue use when symptoms improve.- From Vet in Puainta