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Why Does My Dog Have Dandruff?

Aug 03,2022 | puaintapets

Just like in humans, dandruff occurs in dogs when flakes of dead skin cells start falling out of place and hanging out on the fur and wherever they land. There are many reasons for dandruff in dogs. It may be that dogs suffer from seborrheic dermatitis, or skin diseases caused by fungal, bacterial and mite infections. Specific solutions, please look with Puainta.

Why Does My Dog Have Dandruff?

1. Seborrheic dermatitis

Just like in humans, dogs can have seborrheic dermatitis. Simply put, something in the dog's skin that's responsible for holding the white stuff together is weak, so weak that they can't stick together, so the stiff dander flies all over the dog.

Seborrheic dermatitis has a very obvious characteristic: the dog's skin will be very oily, which is precisely because the excessive secretion of oil leads to damage to other components, resulting in the appearance of dander. Certain dog breeds are prone to seborrheic dermatitis, such as West Highlander, Doberman, Cocker, Springer, etc.

2. Bacteria and fungi

Many fungal, bacterial skin diseases will lead to occur dandruff, the reason for the emergence of these dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis, skin disease is responsible for the destruction of these adhesion components. Cure skin disease is the primary task that solves dander, drag dander more, skin disease is treated more difficult.

 3. Mites

Parasites are everywhere and can be harmful to dogs as well as humans. If you don't find any signs of skin disease, but you do find dandruff, you should be aware that your dog is already infested with mites.

4. Dry air

Just like us, dogs can be afflicted by dry skin in the winter months when the air is drier than normal.

5. Diet

This can also happen if you eat too simple a diet. Lack of vitamins, fats, minerals and other nutrients can affect your dog's skin, not just water. Just like a plant without light, a dog's skin needs nutrients to nourish it.

 6. Health problem

If there is a problem with the dog's skin surface, but no external cause has been found, it is likely that there is an internal organ problem.

If your dog is neither seborrheic dermatitis, nor mite, diet is also very good, living environment is great, it's the thyroid gland may be a problem. Of course it is possible that the low immunity and the emergence of these patches, and these problems, either genetic or daily caused by poor eating habits.


What to do to Keep My Dog's Skin and Coat Healthy?

1. First of all, we have to change the diet structure, which is a problem that many dogs will encounter. In addition to dog food, pet owners can add some vegetables and fruits to the dog's food, and encourage the dog to drink more water to avoid dehydration of the skin. Supplementing vitamin B helps to improve skin immunity and has the effect of regenerating skin and hair. Therefore, it is also possible to properly feed dogs with Puainta multivitamin, which contain vitamin B1, B12 and other nutrients, and can also supplement vitamin C at the same time. Eye-catching vitamin A and antioxidant vitamin E.

Usage and dosage: 2 times a day, each time according to the weight of the dog or according to the veterinarian's advice, continuous feeding for 1-2 weeks.


 2. Choose a moisturizing shower gel for your dog, which will slow the loss of water on your skin. Most parents will choose the special Shower Gel for Itchy Skin, which pH is completely consistent with the characteristics of dog skin and fur, has the effect of promoting the healthy growth of dog skin, but also lasting fragrance.

Usage and dosage: After wetting the dog's fur, take proper amount of the shower gel and rub it, then rub out the rich foam and rinse with water directly.


3. If the dandruff is caused by mites, it is necessary to first give the dog with Bug Repellent Drops for internal and external deworming, which can simultaneously kill mites, fleas, lice, roundworm, nematode and other parasites. In order to avoid skin diseases and intestinal diseases caused by parasites, it is recommended to carry out internal deworming at least once every 3 months, and in vitro deworming once every month.

Usage and dosage: according to the weight and instructions of the dog, remove the fur and dribble on the dog's back. Do not bathe the dog for 3 days after use.


4. After the above adjustment, it is recommended to use the skin spray of Puainta Skin Spray to carry out antibacterial and auxiliary repair on the dog's skin. The silver ions in this spray can form a protective layer on the surface of the skin, reduce the infection and irritation of harmful substances, and allow the skin to accelerate the speed of self-repair.

Usage and dosage: After cleaning the affected skin, spray directly on the lesion until wet, 3-5 times a day for 5-7 consecutive days.


Q:Can probiotics be taken with food?

A:Yes, it can also be taken with water and food.- From Vet in Puainta 

Q: Can cats use these products?

A:  It can be used for cats and dogs.- From Vet in Puainta 

Q: Can the drops get rid of fleas?

A:  Bug Repellent Drops can simultaneously kill mites, fleas, lice, roundworm, nematode and other parasites.- From Vet in Puainta