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Interdigital toe Infection + Trauma Combination (Enhanced)
Interdigital toe Infection + Trauma Combination (Enhanced)

Interdigital toe Infection + Trauma Combination (Enhanced)

Mainly used for trauma, interdigital toe infection, and related symptoms caused by inflammation symptoms, etc.
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  • Treatment of skin wound infections - pyoderma, folliculitis, furuncle, cellulitis
  • Treatment of urethral injury, urethritis, cystitis, nephritis
  • Improve purulent discharge, odor, redness, pain, itching, hair loss and hearing loss caused by otitis

How to use

Oral: 20mg per 1kg body weight, once daily. Dosing should continue 2~3 days after the symptoms of disease disappear.

Recommended Dosage 

3kg 5-6kg  10-12kg
0.5 count 1 count 2 counts





First-aid treatment spray designed for safe use on dogs and cats.

Traumatic wound, interdigital inflammation, postoperative wound, scratch bite, burns and uIcers, sterilization wound.

Help carry sheath infection control.

Help heal and relieve pain.

To help with recovery after sterilization.

Natural,safe,gentle and Lickable.

How to use

Nonoperative wound Apply once after cleaning
Operative wound Apply once after surgery
Severe traumatic condition Apply 2-3 times, 3 times each time


Algal Oligosaccharides, Algal Polysaccharides, Trehalose Reactive Oxygen Species.




Eye Protection
Wound Healing
Skin Management
Oral Mucosa Repair
Smooth and shiny appearance

How to use

Weight  Dosage
Under 5kg 2-3ml per day
5-10kg 3-5ml per day

Note: 2 times a day for 7-14 days, mixed with food for cats/dogs


Vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, etc.