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What if dogs got urticaria? Itching? Allergic?

Aug 03,2022 | puaintapets

Urticaria in dogs is a common allergic skin disease, causing a large number of pimples and itching symptoms on the dog's skin. Food, medicine, environment and other related stimuli may cause urticaria in dogs, so how should be treated? Check it out with Puainta!


My dog has a lot of pimples on his skin and he tickles his skin a lot. What medicine to use?(Redness, itching, red spots)


Disease time:  1 week

What is the common allergen of urticaria?

Food: Seafood, including fish and shrimp, and some dogs are allergic to milk.

Medicines: Some dogs are allergic to penicillin G, vitamin K and other medicines. Sometimes vaccinations and blood transfusions can cause allergic reactions in dogs.

Diseases: Bowel disorders, liver dysfunction, and some dog estrus may also cause hives.

Environment: bitten by fleas, mites, mosquitoes and other insects, stimulated by cold and hot temperatures, pollen, disinfectant and other stimulation.

Recommended Treatment

1. Before taking medication to treat urticaria in dogs, it is necessary to determine the allergens of the dog, and send the dog to the pet hospital for examination in time to determine the allergens, and then take symptomatic medication.

2. If the dog is allergic to food, it need to change the diet, using hypoallergenic dog food or prescription food for the dog to eat.

3. When the dog has urticaria caused by medication allergy, it is necessary to change the dog's medication in time to avoid repeated stimulation of the dog by the medication.

4.Dogs with obvious itching symptoms need to take Allergic Itch Relie Tablets in time to relieve itching and reduce allergies. It can be used for urticaria and allergic dermatitis in dogs. Acute urticaria can become chronic if the dog is kept scratching, licking and biting the skin, so it is necessary to take an allergy medication.


5. The urticaria in dogs caused by mosquito bites needs to be dewormed in time. Abamectin transdermal solution (Bug Repellent Drops) can be used for both internal and external expelling to remove mites, fleas and other external parasites, and at the same time remove Ascaris, Internal parasites such as whipworms. Reducing internal parasites is a key to reducing intestinal diseases, so internal deworming cannot be ignored!


6. If the dog has urticaria caused by disease, targeted treatment is required. Dogs with gastrointestinal disorders can take Probiotics Supplement orally to regulate the intestinal flora and increase intestinal immunity. Unneutered dogs should be neutered at the veterinarian in time.



Be careful to isolate

Humans are also a group threatened by urticaria. When dogs have urticaria, owners should pay attention to isolation to avoid cross infection. After applying medicine to the dog, pay attention to hand washing and disinfection, and do a good job in household environmental hygiene.

The above is all about the causes and medication methods of urticaria in dogs, hoping to help pet owners.



Q: Have pet owners already bought, how is the treatment effect?

A: It has very good therapeutic effect on urticaria. For skin diseases, in the use of external medicine treatment at the same time, but also need oral medicine, internal and external treatment, to achieve better results.- From Vet in Puainta 

Q: Are Chlorphenamine Maleate Tablets effective? How many boxes do you usually need?

A: Treatment of skin pruritus, treatment of severe itching, erythema, swelling and papules caused by allergies, treatment of allergic eczema and urticaria in dogs and cats, with bactericidal, antipruritic and bacteriostatic effects. Usually use 1 box for dogs or cats.- From Vet in Puainta